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High Molecular Material Fabric price

Тема в разделе "Дневники", создана пользователем dflongcheng, 13 янв 2020.

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  1. dflongcheng Рекрут (REC)

    РП роль:
    polyethylene woven fabric for stab resistance
    1.product introduction
    This high performance PE woven fabric is made of high molecular material PE fiber which has high tenacity and high modulus. The fabric is soft, low-density, anti-cut, waterproof, breathable, anti-oil and corrosion resistance. It鈥檚 widely be used for lightweight bulletproof helmet, stab-proof vest, cut-resistant vest and public anti-riot equipment.
    2.Product specification
    Areal Density:165卤10g/m2
    3.Product advantage and application
    Advantage: High strength, low density, low elongation at break, big specific work of rupture, UHMWPE absorb energy efficiently and there are high impact and cutting resistant of UHMWPE, at the same time it resists wear and corrosion and ultraviolet radiation.
    Application: stab-proof and cut-resistant panel, bulletproof helmet.
    4.Production details
    5. Our qualification
    6. FAQ
    Q1: Are you a factory or trading factory?
    -----We are factory supplier. Our office located in Jiangsu Zhenjiang, welcome to visit.
    Q2: Can I ask for samples free?
    -----Yes, we can send you samples for free if you are our VIP customers. You just need to pay the courier cost. We are in good relationship with International courier, such as DHL, TNT, Fedex, UPS etc.
    Q3: Can you provide OEM service?
    -----Yes, we accept to do OEM business. We could produce according to government tender specifications.High Molecular Material Fabric price