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Customized Rotary Kiln

Тема в разделе "Дневники", создана пользователем dflongcheng, 13 янв 2020.

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  1. dflongcheng Рекрут (REC)

    РП роль:
    Rotary Cooler is the key equipment of the material calcination line, The rotary Cooler is used to cool the high temperature calcinated material from the rotary kiln, The material temperature will slow down to 200 degree below after the air heating exchange through Cooler rotation movement.
    Application and Operating Principle
    This kind of Cooler is used in the cooling of high-temperature material. The quality and grind ability of the material can be improved more easily through rapid cooling down from its high-temperature states.
    Structure of rotary cooler
    The cooler is mainly made up by the shell, the supporting device, and the driving device.
    (1) Shell
    The Shell id welded of multi-segments of the rolled steel plates, which are made of high quality carbon steel. The angle-formed lifting plates are staggered installed inside the shell, except the one-meter area from both end of the shell.
    (2) Supporting Device
    The Supporting Device is bearing almost the whole weight of the shell and keeping the shell removing safely and stably on it; and made up of the roller, shaft roller, and the stand of the roller and shaft roller, with the shaft roller to help the control the axial movement of the shell.
    (3) Driving Device
    Driving Device includes the motor, reducer, girth gear, pinion, and etc. While the motor is the electromagnetic speed-adjustable motor, for the cooler is of great transmission radio and transmission distance.
    Advantages of rotary cooler
    1).Rotary cooler can be heated direct or indirect; the heating efficiency can be up to 95%
    2).Rotary cooler operating under high temperature and low oxygen to avoid materials being self burning or exploding when drying. Big drying capacity, highly industrialization and low cost
    3).Low amount of air required to save tail gas handling cost rotary cooler is a kind of quench cooler. Its principle is to quench clinker which is laid in levels on the grate plates with cold wind from air blower. Temperature of clinker will be rapidly dropped from 1200掳C to be less than 100掳C.Plenty of waste gases after cooling could not only be used as secondary air in the kiln, but also be heat source for drying coal in the coal mill.
    Technical Parameters:
    Specification 锛坢锛?/p>Capacity锛坱/h锛?/p>Installation Inclination锛?锛?/p>Main Speed ReducerMain Motor锛坘w锛?/p>Total Weight锛坱锛?/p>
    蠁3.3脳4032-363-5ZI130132237Customized Rotary Kiln